LOVECOCO is a contemporary jewelry line infused with class and fun. With the belief that pearls are a girl’s true best friend, LOVECOCO was created to introduce the beauty of everyday pearls. Playful yet sophisticated, LOVECOCO designs are made to compliment any look. The LOVECOCO girl’s motto is Keep Calm and Wear Pearls. She adores a polished look but never forgets to have fun with her accessories!

Original designs are made with LOVE, by COCO.

Vancouver-based designer Carolina (Coco) started hand-making genuine and costume jewelry as a creative outlet beyond her career in the financial industry.  Launching her own line fulfilled her dream of converging her two passions, fashion and business, in a meaningful way.  Working mainly with pearls, Carolina takes inspiration from her travels and experiments mixing pearls with a multitude of materials and colours.  As a fashion enthusiast and blogger, her creations are an extension of her personal style and she is constantly seeking chic ways to add pearls to the everyday look. She credits her fabulous friends and fellow bloggers for the development of a keen eye for good design.  Find out more on her blog Closet Full of Nothing: http://closetfullofnothing.com